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  • Phillips Hex Head Bolts

    Phillips Hex Head Bolts The Phillips Hex Head Bolts are divided into two types, the outer six angle bolts and the inner six angle screws, which are usually used for fastening mechanical equipment. Manufacture Process: Heading/washer assembly/Threading/Secondary machine/ heat...

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  • Phillips Hex Bolt

    Phillips Hex Head Details: 1. Special Screws According to Customer's Drawing 2. Head Type: According to customer's requirement 3. Thread Type: According to Customer's requirement 4. Material: Plastic, Nylon, Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Copper 5....

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  • T Slot Bolts

    T Slot Bolts High-strength forged clamping bolt for T Slot Bolts machine tables. Designed to provide full bearing with the slot to prevent twisting or jamming. Available to fit table-slot sizes from 3/8 to 13/16" (10 to 22mm in metric), in thread sizes from 3/8-16 to...

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  • Stainless Steel T Bolt

    Stainless steel T bolt is a bolt with a "T" shaped head that is designed to slide into the channel of a machine tool table for work holding during machining.Used for setting up work on planers, shapers, milling machines or similar applications. Heads sized to fit in...

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  • Hex Head Bolt

    hex head bolt heavy hex heads are bolts with an extra heavy hexagonal head and are used for structural products inc.can manufacture any size with any type thread in any material and coatings you need Hex Head Cap Screws and Bolts Hex Nuts – Finished, Heavy,...

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  • 10.9 Grade Bolt

    10.9 grade bolt High tensile steel 10.9 grade bolt to current DIN and British standards, batch traceable, manufactured from Gr 4.6 mild steel, high tensile Gr 8.8 steel and A2 304 and A4 316 stainless steels to current standards. Standard size range : diameters M5 up to M64...

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  • 8.8 Grade Screw

    8.8 grade screw values in bold are less than the single shear capacity of the bolt. valuse in italic are greater than the double sheer capacity of the bolt. bearing values assume standard clearance holes. if oversize or short slotted holes are used,bearing values shoould be...

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  • 12.9 Grade Screw

    12.9 grade screw Important: Kindly note that Grade 10.9 and 12.9 grade Fasteners are not recommended for Zinc Plating as they may absorb Hydrogen during the coating process, which then causes embrittlement of the bolts.For the requirement of Plating on Socket Fasteners, we...

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  • Water Heater Screw

    WHY CHOOSE US? 1. We have specialized in importing & exporting different screws for more than 34 years. 2. Our Engineer has 30 years experience in designing, developing and producing screws. 3.The material quality is qualified by the authoritative third-party testing. 4....

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  • Hex Socket Screw

    hex socket screw The hex socket screw is also called the countersunk head screw, also known as the flat screw, which is a building part. The head is a 90 degree cone, similar to a common wooden screw. The head has tools to tighten the groove, and has a shape, a cross shape,...

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  • Socket Cap Screws

    Socket Cap Screws socket cap set screws M2, M3 M4 M5 1.Machine Screws are often used with nuts or driven into tapped holes 2.Stainless Steel is suitable where formability and cost are important considerations 3.Flat head style allows fastener to sit flush to the surface...

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  • Double End Stud Bolts

    Double end stud bolts are threaded for a nut on one end and threaded (with self-locking friction-fit threads) for insertion into a threaded hole on the other, they have a Class 5 thread fit on the tap end (metric have Class SK6) and a Class 2A thread fit on the nut end...

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