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Non-standard Screw

  • Computer Case Screw

    computer case screw is one of the non - standard screw.Non-standard screw have a disc with a cylindrical outer edge, height approximately half the head diameter, and a flat bearing surface. These screws are known for their high strength, accuracy, quality, and durability....
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  • Clamping Screw Knob

    clamping screw knob features of the product :corrosion resistance、low density,high strength、non-magnetic,non-toxic、inspiratory performance、low-temperature performance is good he surface of the screw is smooth and delicate.all corners do chamfer,make sure you have a good...
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  • CNC Welding Screws

    cnc welding screws are designed for use in soft steel or other metals and have Drill Bit Points that do not require holes to be pre-drilled. The points of self drilling screws are numbered from 1 through 5. The larger the number, the thicker metal (up to 0.5 in or 13mm) it...
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  • No Head Screw

    No head screw is the screw without a pan/cap/hex etc. head like the others screws you can see in your life. In usual, the screw do not want it unlock after lock into a hole. Ever Hardware provide custom made no head screw and customizable packaging.Galvanization, or...
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  • Stainless Steel Blind Rivets

    Stainless steel blind rivets This blind rivet is composed of an aluminum body and stainless steel mandrel. This type of mandrel improves the corrosion resistance both before and after the application. A wide variety of diameters and grip ranges are available to cover various...
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We are professional non-standard screw manufacturers anmd suppliers in China, specialized in providing customized service. Welcome to buy bulk high quality non-standard screw from our factory.
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