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Jul 05, 2018

The screw is a tool that uses the physics and mathematical principles of the circular rotation of the object and the frictional force to gradually tighten the object. Screws are a general term for fasteners, everyday spoken language. Screws are indispensable industrial essentials in daily life: extremely small screws such as cameras, glasses, clocks, electronics, etc.; general screws for televisions, electrical products, musical instruments, furniture, etc.; for engineering, construction, and bridges, large Screws and nuts; traffic appliances, airplanes, trams, cars, etc. are used for both size and size. Screws have an important task in the industry. As long as there is industry on the earth, the function of the screw is always important. Screws are the common inventions in people's production and life for thousands of years. According to the application field, it is the first invention of human beings.

Screws, also known as "screws" [Screw] (screws), "screws" (screws). In fact, the screw is a general name, and the screws and screw rods are different from each other. Screws are generally called wood screws; they are the ones with pointed ends on the front end, and the pitch is large, which is generally used to fasten wooden parts and plastic parts. The screw rod is a machine screw (mechanical screw), which is the kind of flat head at the front end. The pitch is small and uniform, and it is generally used to fasten metal and machine parts.

The main purpose is to make the industrial products into a fixed unit. In use, it often occurs that the teeth and the teeth cannot be tightly sealed, if the screws are too tightly locked, the screw heads are broken, or the dents are not tightly locked, etc., and the quality is Precision problem. Screws are "quantity products", not hand-made artworks. In mass production, they are supplied to consumers with high-precision and stable quality and popular prices.

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