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Car anti-theft screw works great
Oct 26, 2018

As a car owner, there is such a detail on the wheel hub of the car. I wonder if you will notice that the fastening screw of the wheel hub is different from other screws. It can't be disassembled with our conventional socket wrench. Screws are car anti-theft screws, especially on high-end luxury models. Anti-theft screws are very common. Don't underestimate such a screw. For car anti-theft, the effect is very large.

1. How to remove the anti-theft screw

The principle of the car tire anti-theft screw is very simple, that is, the shape of the nut is processed into an irregular shape, and the anti-theft screw wrench of the car can be used to disassemble it. The ordinary disassembly tool on the market has no effect on him. of. This is the basic principle of his anti-theft.

Once we have encountered the need to disassemble the tires, open the car kit, you will see two wrenches, one of which is specifically used to remove the anti-theft screws, when we use the jack to jack up the car, do the early stage After the pre-disassembly work, use the anti-theft screw wrench to remove it.

2. What should I do if the removal tool is lost?

Many car owners will encounter such a situation. The disassembly wrench of the anti-theft screw has been lost. At this time, many people’s first thought is to replace the anti-theft screw with a disassembly tool. Is it not OK? Here, we recommend that you don't want to set it up casually. The best way is to go to the car 4S shop or a local repair location authorized by the car manufacturer to order, use the original anti-theft screws, this will be more secure.

There are many types of anti-theft screws on the market, and many of them are not professional anti-theft screws, so many people can copy them for his disassembly tools. If you install such a screw, you will not get the anti-theft effect, which is a bit worthwhile.

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