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High-strength bolt and nut process
Feb 13, 2019

High-strength bolt and nut process Nickel-phosphorus plating consists of three parts. The first part is the pre-treatment process, including the precision and appearance inspection of high-strength bolt plating, manual degreasing, soaking and degreasing, pickling, electro-activation and flash nickel plating; the second part of electroless nickel plating process; third Some are post-treatment processes, including hydrogen flooding heat treatment, polishing and waste inspection.

As follows: high strength bolt and nut chemical composition inspection → bolt plating accuracy, appearance inspection → manual degreasing → appearance inspection → soaking oil removal → hot water washing → cold water washing → pickling → cold water washing → electric activation → cold water washing → flash nickel plating → cold water washing → deionized water washing → electroless nickel plating → deionized water washing → cold water washing → hydrogen driving → polishing → waste inspection.

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