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How to choose combination screw?
Aug 28, 2018

The combination screw is a type of screw, and the screw is called industrial rice. Industry is inseparable from small screws. However, the combination screw is composed of a screw and a spring pad, and the flat pad is combined. Fasteners that are joined together by twisting. Combination screws are more convenient to use, do not manually match bolts, spring pads, flat pads. So it is more convenient. But the price is slightly more expensive than the separate bolts, spring pads, and flat pads.

Combination screw function: It has perfect fastening and pressing capacity. It is equipped with high and low voltage contact, high and low voltage air conditioner wiring, electric current and voltage of electric appliance, power supply, frequency and performance of the power supply are significantly improved compared with traditional separation screws. , labor saving, time saving and other advantages. This product is suitable for all kinds of electrical equipment, home appliances, office equipment, communication equipment and other mechanical equipment. The material of the combination screw is divided into iron, stainless steel and copper. But iron and stainless steel are more commonly used. Iron We use screw material, which is divided into 1010.1018.10B21 material, and stainless steel is divided into SUS201 SUS304 SUS316.

There are many types of iron combination screws: ordinary and environmentally friendly. For example: color zinc, commonly known as red color. White zinc, black zinc, white nickel. Blue zinc. Environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly color zinc, environmentally friendly white zinc, environmentally friendly blue zinc. Environmentally friendly white nickel. There is also a relatively advanced copper base nickel, brine nickel. Iron screw wire has 1010, 1018, 10B21 and so on. Stainless steel screw wire has SUS201, SUS304 and so on. Whether the mechanical strength of the combination screw is required to be hardened. The rating is 4.8 and 8.8. You need to choose a manufacturer that specializes in producing combination screws.

Precautions: The combination screw has a split-head combination screw, a hexagonal combination screw, and a combination screw that is divided into iron and needs to be plated. And stainless steel combination screws. No plating is required and the surface is bright. Choose different sizes of combination screws according to your individual needs.


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