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Non-standard screw acceptance method
Nov 12, 2018

Product quality can not be sloppy must be strictly in accordance with the corresponding standards of production acceptance, non-standard screw acceptance criteria are those?

   The first non-standard screw is also the evolution of the national standard screw. It is also necessary to determine the detailed inspection items according to the shortcomings of the national standard screw. Please refer to the corresponding national regulations for details. If the external coating and plating affect the identification of external defects, Give it a check before viewing.

   Secondly, according to the design drawings, it is required to check the dimensions and raw materials of non-standard screws. This should pay attention to the inspection of raw materials:

First, the raw material manufacturer should supply the raw material certificate statement.

Second, high-end products must require SGS raw material certification, and send the relevant laboratory to analyze the raw material composition, and recognize whether the content of the ingredients is in line with the raw materials of the drawings.

   Once again, the function requests non-destructive viewing. If non-destructive inspection is performed on non-standard screws, if any part of the quenching crack, the bearing surface and the following wrinkles are found, and whether the coating is compatible with RoSH environmental requirements.

   Then it is a destructive inspection, such as non-standard screw hardness level to do the corresponding hardness impact test; internal hardness, mechanical properties, torque test, etc. This will damage the non-standard screws, but the screw factory with strong quality concept is this It is necessary to view the project.


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