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Where a friction type high strength bolt combination screw is used
Jul 05, 2018

High-strength large hex head bolt combination screws for steel structures, mainly used for railway and highway bridges, boiler steel structures, industrial plants, high-rise civil buildings, tower structures, lifting appliances and their steel structures. The occasion of the screw. It is characterized by a bolt, which is also called a twelve-horned body at the end of the bolt. When installing, a special electric wrench must be used. There are two sleeve heads on the top and bottom, one on the hexagonal body of the nut and the other on the tenth angle of the hexagonal screw. When tightening, apply a clockwise force to the nut and apply an equal counterclockwise force to the bolt's dodecahedron so that the end of the hexagonal screw and the dodecagon are connected to the neck to be twisted and sheared to the neck. So far, the installation is over. This torsion-cut type high-strength hex screw is a one-size type screw that cannot be removed after installation.

In general, combination screws are widely used in electrical, electric, mechanical, electronic, household appliances, furniture, boats and ships. But the above said different combination screws have different effects. For example, the Phillips pan head combination screw is generally used on small electronic products. Larger cross hex combination screws are used on larger electrical products, such as frequency converters, and many larger hex combination screws are used on larger inverters. Hit the inverter chassis. Make relaxation fastening. For example, with a two-toothed combination screw, this is used on the inverter, the function is to break the paint, so that the two combination screws on the surface of the casing are all energized. There is also a combination screw such as a square crimping wire, which is itself a pan head screw with a two-part combination screw on a square pad. Generally used on the terminal block. The role is for wiring, for crimping.

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