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Minimize The Outflow Of Defective Products
Jul 05, 2018

Bolt inspection is divided into manual and machine. Labor is the most primitive and most commonly used consistent detection method. In order to minimize the outflow of defective products, the general production enterprise personnel shall visually inspect the packaged or shipped products to eliminate defective products (badness including tooth injury, mixing, rust, etc.).

Another way is automatic detection of the machine, mainly magnetic particle inspection. Magnetic particle inspection is the interaction between the leakage magnetic field and the magnetic powder at the bolt defect. For the possible defects (such as cracks, slag inclusions, mixing materials, etc.) of the bolt, the magnetic permeability and the magnetic permeability of the steel are different. After magnetization, these materials are discontinuous. The magnetic field at the place will undergo a change, and a leakage magnetic field is generated on the surface of the workpiece at the partial flux leakage, thereby attracting the magnetic powder accumulation at the defect of the magnetic powder--the magnetic mark, under appropriate lighting conditions, showing the defect position and shape, The accumulation of these magnetic powders has been observed and explained, and the purpose of eliminating defective products has been achieved.

The bolt market is highly competitive and is moving towards brand management. In the past 10 years, the speed of development of China's bolts has attracted the attention of developed countries, and at the same time, they have found a new type of big market, and multinational companies have sneaked in. When domestic bolt companies suddenly felt that it was so difficult to survive in the market, strong competitors have blossomed everywhere. In today's Chinese bolt market, some small and medium-sized bolt companies produce a large number of common standard parts, which does not really bring core competitiveness to enterprises, but is subject to changes in raw materials and labor costs.

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