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Played A Key Role In Linking Parts
Jul 05, 2018

Non-standard screws are often used in daily life, and they are widely used in watch glasses, large trains, and space shuttles. Screws are an invention in people's production. According to the application field, it is also the pride of human beings. So what are the ways to use the screws:

The role of non-standard screws:

The main function of non-standard screws is to link the tools that fasten the parts, which can also be called special-shaped screws. There are a lot of screws that can be used without a nut when connecting. Of course, the basic non-standard screws that do not use the nut play a key role in the link mechanism.

Types of non-standard screws Flat head small hex half hex rivet nuts, with through holes, blind holes, knurling and no knurling.

Non-standard screws are widely used in the assembly of electromechanical and light industrial products. If the nut of a certain product needs to be installed outside, the space inside is small, and the indenter of the riveting machine cannot be put into the riveting and pumping. When the method cannot meet the strength requirement, then the riveting and riveting are not feasible. Must be riveted. Applicable to the field of fastening of various thickness plates and pipes (0.5MM-6MM). The pneumatic or manual rivet gun can be riveted at one time, which is convenient and firm; instead of the traditional welding nut, it can make up for the thin metal plate, the thin tube is welded and melted, and the welded nut is not smooth.

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