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Using The Beveled Circular Rotation And Friction Of The Object
Jul 05, 2018

Screw finger screw (speech name: Screw), is a tool that uses the physics and mathematical principles of the circular rotation of the object and the frictional force to gradually tighten the object. Screws are a general term for fasteners, everyday spoken language.

The metric thread is in MM (mm) and has a cusp angle of 60 degrees. Both US and inch threads are in inches. The cusp angle of the US thread is also 60 degrees, while the cusp angle of the inch thread is 55 degrees.

Screws are a common fastener that is widely used in machinery, appliances, and buildings. Generally, the material is metal or plastic, and the groove is engraved with a groove on the surface.

Due to the different units of measurement, the representation of various threads is not the same. For example, the M16-2X60 represents a metric thread. His specific meaning is that the nominal diameter of the screw is 16MM, the tooth pitch is 2MM, the length is 60MM, and another example is: 1/4-20X3/4 means the inch thread, his specific meaning is the nominal diameter of the screw. It is 1/4 inch (one inch = 25.4 mm) with 20 teeth on one inch and 3/4 inches in length. In addition, if you want to indicate the US-made screws, you will usually add UNC and UNF to the back of the inch screws to distinguish between American-made coarse teeth and American-made fine teeth.

The screw produced is likely to cause screw quality problems due to unreasonable production. In production, many screw quality problems may be found at the time of delivery. Let's talk about the quality problems that screws often encounter and the reasons for the quality problems. Finally, some solutions are proposed.

1. The head of the screw is deformed and the head is snoring. The possible cause is a poor installation of the screw mold and improper adjustment.

2. The head of the screw is not round. The reason is that the selection of the die of the screw die is not proper or the punching is not full enough.

3. The screws have burrs or burrs. The reason is that the die is poorly formed, mainly because the gap between the punch and the die hole is too large or the punch is too short.

4. The head of the screw is cracked and the head of the screw is cracked. The reason may be that the quality of the screw wire itself is problematic. Therefore, before the screw wire is used for the head, it is necessary to check the quality department and use the medicine to click it. Especially for stainless steel screw wire, it is necessary to check out that it is stainless steel 201, which is stainless steel 304.

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