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  • Thin Hex Nuts

    Thin hex nuts\Copper Hex Thin Nut\Stainless Steel Hex Thin Nut The Hex Thin Nut is a fastener with internal thread and used in conjunction with bolts. It has internal thread and is used in conjunction with the screw to transmit motion or power..The Hex Thin Nut are divided...

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  • Hex Nylon Nuts

    hex nylon nuts\Stainless steel 304 hex nut\hex nylon locking nuts The most versatile and widely used nut. 6/6 Nylon. ANSI B1.1 UNC and UNF Class 2B thread requirement. Durable nylon construction. Nylon nut is used to match the bolts to achieve the purpose of combining more...

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  • Nylon Lock Nuts

    Nylon lock nuts\Stainless Steel Nylon Lock Nut\aluminum nylon insert lock nuts Nylon lock nuts is four uniform weld projections provide solid contact with the weld surface and help accommodate surfaces that may not be perfectly flat. Location and threading of mated components...

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  • Anti-theft Nut

    An anti-theft nut is a cold pier that does not require two processes for one-step molding. The surface is hot-dip galvanized. The internal thread has a pair of blind slots, the cross-section is arc-shaped, and its radial depth reverse thread turn gradually increases. The two...

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  • Hexagon Rivet Nut

    hexagon rivet nut are available as open or closed end nuts. A closed-end rivet nut completely seals out the back end of the rivet nut to keep out environmental debris. A sealant can also be added to protect against moisture and lubricants. hexagon rivet nut Fasteners are...

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  • Self Clinching Nut

    Self clinching nut/Self Clinching Hex Nuts/Self clinching fastener As with all self-clinching nuts, self clinching nut for stainless steel offer the following advantages: Exceptional load-bearing strength: Provides strong load-bearing threads in stainless sheet metal as thin...

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  • Square Weld Nuts

    square weld nuts/Stainless Steel Square Weld Nut/din 928 square weld nut square weld nuts is a highly specialized type of fastener nut that is designed to be welded to another object. Furthermore, weld nuts are made with a greater amount of material than other nuts, so their...

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