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  • Self Driling Screw

    Self driling screw/Truss head self driling screw Standards:ANSI(IFI),DIN,BS,JIS and per specially design. Grade:4.8,6.8 Material: carbon steel, stainless steel. Size:6#-12# Surface treatment: Chrome,Zinc,Black, Red, Blue, Green, Colorful. self driling screw a fast,...

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  • DIN 7500 Screw

    Din 7500 screw thread-forming screws according din 7500can be driven into malleable mate-rials without the need for tapping the ma-ting thread. Grain flow interrupted,not work hardened produces chips and shavings there is play in threads lrregular thread flank surace Thread...

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  • DIN7500 Taptite Screw

    DIN7500 taptite screw A、Tapered screw point max.4 P B、 Load-bearing length C、 Total length S 、Thickness of material 4 thread pitches(max.4xp).The tapered portion of the thread can not be fully load-ed,which must be taken into account when screw length is determined. The...

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  • Stainless Torx Screws

    Stainless Torx Screws These Stainless Torx Screws and stainless steel self tapping screws are highly versatile for connecting metal, wood, glass fiber and plastic. Sharp threads pull the material together to ensure firm maintenance. The thread is made of stainless steel, and...

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  • Stainless Pin Screw

    Stainless pin screw 1.Material: Stainless Steel,Alloy steel,Carbon Steel,Brass,Aluminum and So on 2. Surface Finish:Passivate,Black Oxide,Zinc Plating,Nickel Plating,Dacromet Plating 3. Size: According to Drawing or Samples 4. Standard: According to Drawing or Samples...

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  • Hex Combination Screw

    Stainless steel combined screw/Stainless steel cross combined screw/Stainless steel rice combination screw Hex combination screw It refers to stainless steel pan head screw with stainless steel bullet pad and three pieces of stainless steel flat pad. The six angle combined...

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  • Pan Head Combination Screw

    Pan head combination screw/big plate screw/small plate screw The difference between the big plate screw and the small plate screw is that the head of the head screw in the large disc combined screw is larger than the head of the head screw in the small disc combined screw、...

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  • Self Tapping Screws

    self tapping screws Self tapping screws are used for non-metallic or softer metals, without a low hole and tapping; self tapping screws are pointed, so that they are "self tapping"; the ordinary screws are flat and uniform. The self tapping screws are said: the...

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  • Stainless Hex Head Cap Screws

    Stainless Hex Head Cap Screws/self tapping locking screw Stainless Hex Head Cap Screws are used in applications requiring low limited clearance and/or where loading capacity is not critical. They are headed and externally threaded fasteners designed for insertion through a...

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  • Phillips Hex Head Bolts

    Phillips Hex Head Bolts The Phillips Hex Head Bolts are divided into two types, the outer six angle bolts and the inner six angle screws, which are usually used for fastening mechanical equipment. Manufacture Process: Heading/washer assembly/Threading/Secondary machine/ heat...

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  • Phillips Hex Bolt

    Phillips Hex Head Details: 1. Special Screws According to Customer's Drawing 2. Head Type: According to customer's requirement 3. Thread Type: According to Customer's requirement 4. Material: Plastic, Nylon, Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Copper 5....

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  • T Slot Bolts

    T Slot Bolts High-strength forged clamping bolt for T Slot Bolts machine tables. Designed to provide full bearing with the slot to prevent twisting or jamming. Available to fit table-slot sizes from 3/8 to 13/16" (10 to 22mm in metric), in thread sizes from 3/8-16 to...

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