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Self Tapping Screw

  • Torx Self-tapping Screws

    - High Quality Heat Treated Steel - Torx self-tapping screws - Deep, Wide, Sharp Screw Threads Provide Maximum Holding Power - High Quality Screw Threads Cut Cleanly & Easily Through Tough Materials - Excellent Screw for Cabinetry, Furniture, Roofing, Framing, etc. Our...

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  • Self Tapping Locking Screw

    self tapping locking screw is mainly used for the connection and fixation of some plate parts, such as the connection between color plate and color steel plate, the connection of color steel plate with purlin and wall beam, and its penetration ability generally does not...

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  • High-low Thread Screw

    high-low thread screw must be heat-treated. Carbon steel high-low thread screw must be carburized, and stainless steel self tapping screws must be treated by solid solution hardening. It can also be made of stainless steel or nonferrous metal. The mechanical properties and...

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  • Wafer Head Screws

    wafer head screws Combinating with CNC precision machining technology,meet the standard requirements. The hardness of the surface is high and the toughness of the core is good. Packaging Details: 1.bulk+carton+pallet 2.small box + carton + pallet 3.color box + carton + pallet...

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  • Drywall Anchor Screws

    Drywall anchor screws is one piece self-drilling anchor designed for use in hollow gypsum wallboard for light duty loads. It is available in both engineered nylon and zamac alloy for use with either a No.6 or No.8 screws in 3/8” to 1” wallboard. The drywall anchor screws is...

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  • Chip Board Screw

    The Chip Board Screw usually refers to the use of the lathe screw, or the plate screw, and so on, to remove the superfluous metal materials to process the forming screws.The Chip Board Screw usually refers to the use of the lathe screw, or the plate screw, and so on, to...

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  • Concrete Anchor Screws

    Concrete anchor Screws Anchor bolts are non-standard parts, and because of their large diameter, they are often similar to Cgrade bolts. They are made of unprocessed round steel and do not use high precision lathe. concrete anchor Screws are often used to boll the exposed...

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  • Metal Roofing Screws

    metal roofing screws(HEAVY STEEL TEK SELF DRILLING METAL CORRUGATED ROOFING SCREW) Feature :Steel to Steel For Heavy Section Purlins (Hot Rolled Purlin) Head :Hexagon Self-Drilling. Roofing screws with a 5/16th hexagonal head for attaching sheets to heavy section steel...

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  • Door and Window Screw

    door and window screw are also used for connection between thin metal plates. The thread is a common thread with a curved triangular cross section, and the thread surface also has a high hardness. So in connection, the screw can also attack the internal thread in the threaded...

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  • Refrigerator Door Screws

    Refrigerator door screws/Truss head self steel black door screw Head seamless,solid and reliable Applicable to all exposed products,beautiful and self-contained. Environmental galvanization to prevent rust Metal film,wear resistance,conductivity,reflectivity,corrsosion...

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  • Wood Deck Screws

    wood deck screws/Truss head self steel black door screw/High quality coarse black screw for door Details: 1. wood deck screws 2. Carbon Steel 3. Fine Thread / Coarse Thread 4. Philips / Square / Torx 5. 60~90 days or subject to customer's special request Cooperation...

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  • Hex Drilling Screw

    hex drilling screw 1.Certification: ISO, ROHS, SGS 2. Available Standard: DIN, ANSI, ASTM, JIS, BSW 3. Strength: Grade 4.8,Grade 8.8,Grade10.9,Grade12.9 A2-70, A4-70, A4-80 4. Finishing: Yellow, blue, white zinc plated, Galvanized,HDG,Chromate,Dacromet 5. Available material:...

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